Benefits of biometric attendance management system

The attendance management in schools has seen little changes over the years. They have included traditional practices like calling people by roll call. Sometimes an ID card and punching machine system are used in the school system to keep track of attendance. These systems, while effective for small student populations, are difficult when the student body grows large. They also have the disadvantages of being exploited easily. Roll calls can be faked easily by people adept at exploitation. ID verification systems have a reputation for calling long queues and delays. Significant delay can be reduced by replacing such systems using biometric systems that are quick but also very secure. These days, biometric attendance management system have been increasing in school systems because of the number of benefits they can offer compared to the traditional ones.

Biometric systems use a measure unique to every human body as a measure of access control. Fingerprint scan, retinal scan, and face recognition mechanisms are some popular biometric systems in the world. The fingerprint scanning system is the most popular student attendance management system because it is easier to set up and provides reliable security. Different types of fingerprint scanning mechanisms are available in biometrics, depending on the accuracy required. Biometric systems are also very cost-effective for schools that use them. Initial investment costs are a bit high but the advantages They can be used by any school authorities and increase the privacy of students and the authorities.

Benefits of the biometric student attendance management system

Apart from being very foolproof a biometric attendance system can also help in real-time tracking of student location. They can be extremely important to save important student credentials when legal consequences occur. They provide foolproof handling of attendance and increase the quicker movement of the student body. They can also help the institution with real-time tracking and privacy concerns. Following are the number of reasons why a biometric management system is beneficial to any school.

Benefits of biometric attendance management system

No Chance of Proxy Attendance by System Exploitation

When the old attendance systems were used, loopholes were created and exploited by students. This has led to false and proxy attendance of students in the school system. Such fake incidences can be done by anyone, leaving no trace of the person who exploited such loopholes. The Biometric student attendance management system mostly relies on fingerprints, which is unique to every human body. Fingerprints are also very durable throughout a person’s lifetime, and very difficult to alter. This makes making such fake proxy attendance very difficult. Because the biometric system also can be made to be used a limited number of times per person, proxy attendance can be completely eliminated.

Saves Time Using Faster Verification Methods

Using the biometric student attendance system saves a lot of time when compared to the previous methods in use. The student ID tracking or the roll call method took a long time to complete the attendance tracking process. Sometimes errors occurred in such calculations and increased the time delay of the school system. The newer biometric attendance system verifies each user in seconds and is also integrated into the electronic attendance register digitally. Thus students and staff alike who use the system are granted significantly lesser delays than the traditional methods like roll number calling.

Higher Security with biometric attendance management system

The biometric system is very difficult to mess around with, either by the students or any other people in the school system. Biometrics use measurements unique to each human body as access control mechanisms. Such measurements are often difficult to replicate. Also, a false attempt on the biometric attendance system sends the signal to both the main database and the person using it. With the addition of camera surveillance, a biometric student attendance management system can provide a very strong hold on the security of the school. 

Obvious Increase in Student Privacy

The biometric system can be very good grounds for creating privacy. They can be used alongside other systems that automatically control who can enter or leave certain parts of the institution. Biometric systems have been used in many industries apart from schools and have been proven to increase institution privacy.

Real-time Tracking Advantages with biometric attendance management system

Real-time tracking is possible by using a biometric student attendance management system. This is because the system is linked to the main database of the school. With this integration, every update in the biometric system is detected in real-time and people’s moments can be tracked. This becomes important when high-security tasks need to be carried out. This can also be used by school staff at large events when monitoring the masses becomes very difficult. Biometric systems can be used for recording accurate check-in and check-out times of staff and students. They can also be used in suitable places where the administration wants the flow of people tracked. 

Helps in Accurate Payroll Management Of Staff

Biometric attendance systems can be used in schools to increase the accuracy of payroll management. Every employee can see their accurate working hours and can be paid accordingly when a biometric system is set in place. This system also boosts employee morale and delays are reduced because this system does not give much time compensation. This can be connected to other automatic systems that calculate the payroll for each employee. Thus accurate payroll management can be made easier by installing the biometric system in the school.


The security and ease of use of the new student attendance management system are greater compared to the previous methods used in schools. It is quick, smooth, and efficiently handles any errors that can hamper the system. The new system not only grants great security but once set up, does not require much skill to be used. JibuSMS is an all in one school management system that has made Kenyan education better. It has its own biometric student attendance tracking mechanism that the schools using it can take advantage of. Working hand in hand with the other mechanisms, the biometric attendance system increases the efficiency of the school.

Benefits of Biometrics in the Student Attendance Management System

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