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The emergence of digital tools has made revolutionary changes in the school system, the way it operates and manages the tasks, especially when it comes to academic and administrative operations. The day-to-day administrative operations and functioning of the school management system are really important to ensure better academic experience and performance of the school.
In the fast-growing world, the real issues come with coordinating and managing different tasks associated with the current educational system, and the interaction between parents, students and teachers. Therefore, to ensure smooth operations of the educational institutions, school management system software is mandatory. Although we have millions of apps available on the internet for different tasks, a single school management system software acts as a multi-function platform that does a wide range of tasks to improve the overall performance of schools/institutions.

Why does a school need School Management Software (SMS)?

Before discussing school management software (SMS), we need to know about the student information system (SIS). The student information system comprises the whole details of the students regarding their academic marks, books, fees, extracurricular activities, personal data, etc. while school management software or school ERP system is a multi-task platform that automates various academic operations for the well-being of the school system.

The greatest role of school management system software is that it helps to achieve the goals and objectives of an educational institution providing a lot to the overall progress of the school management system. There are a set of tools that helps you with tasks and enhances the relationship between teachers, students, and parents. Apart from school management, the school management software assists in decision-making, control, and coordination, budgeting, collected data security, etc.

Factors one must consider before choosing school management system software

The software implementation is always a benefit to schools. But before choosing school management software, we need to focus on certain factors to smoothen the academic operations.

Size of the organization

The number of students matters. Some schools have fewer students while some schools with higher numbers. And the probable prediction of what number it will reach in, say five years is an important factor to be considered. Among the size, the number of users who are going to use the software, the predicted number of users, all these factors will affect the pricing of the software. Based on the number, different strategies have to be applied for the proper implementation of the software. JibuSMS is an all-in-one college and school management software that is user-friendly with extensive dashboard features to offer an amazing user experience.

Identifying the school type

One must need to know the type of school because factors like the grading pattern, examination type, etc matters. A few configuration changes within the software will support the pattern of the school education system.

Identifying the modules

If you are implementing software for the first time, you might not require all the modules of the school management system software. A detailed survey helps you to know the areas where the software is required to enhance operational efficiency.

Benefits of school management system software

The automation of the school’s academic and administrative operations improves the efficiency of the school management system. It benefits the teachers, students, parents, and non-teaching employees and makes communication with each other more effective. Let’s see what they are.

Efficient communication

School management system software helps to keep a constant connection between parents, teachers, and students. The relationship between parents and school can be enhanced that enables the parents to get involved in the educational aspects of their children such as monitoring their grades, attendance, extracurricular activities, etc. That is, the transparency and communication between them help parents to make good decisions that would benefit their children. The other benefit of the school ERP system is that parents get notifications about their children through SMS and mobile apps.

Reinforce the student-teacher relationship

The software changes the dynamics between students and teachers that it reinforces the relationship for easy communication, asking doubts, seeking help, personalizing homework and they can also give suggestions and ideas that help to improve the assignments.

Easy attendance recording

The school software management system removes all the flaws in the traditional pattern of attendance recording. It helps to record the attendance easily and can be tracked anytime. Attendance can be reviewed in different categories separately. Moreover, parents will get notifications if their child is absent that help them to monitor the children more effectively.

Monitoring the performance of teachers

The school administrators can access real-time information and can monitor the performance of the teachers as well. The information regarding class schedule, daily reports, activities, and the artificial intelligence school management systems can give necessary suggestions to improve the teaching quality after monitoring their performance. Every teacher will provide a dedicated portal that gives easy access to the information related to students and their school activities.

Simplify the admission procedures

The school software management system eliminates human errors, duplicated records, and helps in the process of enrollment so that the management can organize the profiles of students, compare them, and selection is made based on the predetermined criteria. Students can also access their personal profile anytime anywhere that all details will be available in one database.

Customization of the modules

The modules can be personalized and assignments, homework, notes, videos, and presentations can be uploaded that students can access at any time. Even students can make changes that make them feel more connected with their school.

Easy online fee payment

The school management software is a platform that makes it easy for the parents to pay fees using debit/credit cards. The software generates a receipt after the payment is done. Notifications will be sent to the parents in case they miss paying fees that make the entire process smooth, and convenient.

Flexible staff management

The school management system software helps to manage all the staff, their activities, attendance, salary, leave, compensation, and many more.

Efficient management of exams

The examination and grading patterns of each school are different. So the software must be suitable to adapt to the changes they prefer. Once the examination is done, the software checks the answers and uploads the grades. If the exam is conducted manually in a classroom, answer papers and reports will be uploaded. Parents can also view the performance of their children that helps them to know the progress.

The above-mentioned points help you to know why a school management system needs efficient software that automates the whole operation ensuring high performance and efficiency. We can point out many schools that have implemented the school management system software to manage their operations. For instance, JibuSMS is all-in-one school management software by Advanta Africa offering cost-effective and secure software for your school/institution. The school management software has many enticing features like an extensive dashboard, ZOOM integrated classes, screen sharing, video recording, whiteboard for presenters, etc. that are available for both Androids and iPhone users. They can brand your institution with their name, school logo, and colors.


A school management software system is necessary for the smooth running of academic, management operations and it streamlines the administrative activities. It enhances the immediate communication with teachers, students, parents, and other employees. JibuSMS is the best school management system in Kenya offering an efficient solution to conduct classes online and manage the administrative operations.

How does School Management System Software help Schools/Institutes?

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