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This comprehensive guide will provide you with all the necessary information regarding the importance and amazing features of school management system software and helps you select the perfect school management system for your school/institution. Let’s get started.

We discuss:

  • What is a School Management System?
  • Online School Management Software for Various Educational Institutions
  • Why JibuSMS School Management System Software?
  • JibuSMS School Management Software Modules
  • JibuSMS School Management Software Features
  • What are the Advantages of Having a ZOOM Integrated School Management System Software?
  • JibuSMS School Management Software Benefits
  • How much does School Management Software Cost?

What is a School Management System?

The school management system is an efficient tool to enhance the operational performance of your school/institution. School management software digitalizes and automates the whole administrative & academic operations such as tedious managerial tasks, attendance management, admission procedures, assignment management, fee collection, bulk data management, etc. With the help of school management system classes can be conducted more efficiently or effectively.

School management system software can be used in schools as well as other educational institutions as it eases the difficult routine tasks of the individuals. The online school management software helps teachers, students, parents, admin, and other non-teaching staff in reducing their workload and saves time & money. School management system software helps teachers to conduct classes as it is integrated with the ZOOM app. Parents can track their child’s academic progress, and students can access the online classes, study materials, and assignments anywhere at any time.

School management system software enhances data security, improves productivity, and offers the best user experience for each individual in your school/ institution.

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Online School Management Software for Various Educational Institutions

JibuSMS school management software app is beneficial to all types of educational institutions such as schools, colleges, universities, multi-group institutions, training institutes, coaching centres, vocational institutions, etc.

We provide tailored solutions to your school’s specific requirements and streamline all data and operations improving the overall efficiency. A school management system can be integrated into other platforms that ensure efficient communication and helps in better decision making. The extensive school management software modules for each activity reduce the workload and improve time management.

Why Jibu School Software?

JibuSMS school management system focuses on removing the administrative hassles and enhancing productivity through agile management with the efficient support of other modern technologies such as ZOOM, Whatsapp, the in-built flexible payment system of school management software app, notifications & alert options, etc. The online school management software is cloud-based and easy to use. Away from the traditional educational pattern, the new school management system is a paperless solution that optimizes the tasks of every single staff associated with the school/institution.

JibuSMS is the best school management software that is absolutely designed for educational institutions with various modules for different tasks, real-time tracking facility, and it is available in more than 20 languages. The school management software app can be easily downloaded using a smartphone or any other electronic gadgets. The all-in-one school management system software automates the processes and it  is an advanced learning management platform that helps wherever you are.

Jibu School Management Software Modules

JibuSMS School Management Software has unlimited user logins, students, courses, and batches. To manage all administrative and academic activities from a single platform, the school management system software offers different kinds of modules. We have 20 core modules, 15 pro modules, 13 pro plus modules, and 8 enterprise modules. The enticing features of these school management software modules are:

  • Digitalize the admission process, and real-time tracking of students
  • Easy and efficient student attendance management 
  • Efficient biometric tracking to ensure security
  • Timetable management system to create error-free timetables
  • Instant notifications and alerts
  • School fee management system
  • Assignment management 
  • ID card and grade book generation
  • Easy online exam assessment
  • Accessible and safe data management system
  • School bus management and tracking
  • Single dashboard features for all course management
  • Manage payroll and attendance of employees
  • The custom report, analytics and report generation

Jibu School Software Features

JibuSMS school management software features are compelling and efficient to control the administrative process, plan various tedious tasks, easy decision making, and manage all your academic activities with a single line integrated system. The school management software features are:

  • Easy-to-use school management system
  • Easy data management
  • Eco-friendly & paperless 
  • Reduces  workload, save time & money
  • Bridge the communication gap
  • Enhanced data security & backup facility
  • Real-time tracking and better students security
  • Tailored & cost-effective solutions
  • Best school management software app 
  • Single dashboard supporting multi schools
  • Easy Integration with other apps & API support
  • Can be availed in multiple languages
  • Cloud-hosted & single sign-on
  • Bulk data upload facility
  • Powerful reporting and analyzing tools

What are the Advantages of Having a ZOOM Integrated Software?

We live in a digital era where tasks and operations are digitalized to enhance efficiency. Moreover, technology is evolving day by day that our educational institutions must make use of it efficiently. JibuSMS school management system software is integrated with ZOOM that aids schools/ institutions to conduct classes online. Students can access the classroom anywhere without any difficulty. The online school management software is highly equipped with other video conferencing apps that create a visual learning experience, group interaction, and students can learn by collaborating. The screen sharing facility helps teachers to take classes effectively and they can use a whiteboard for presentation. It has a video recording feature and it is an ideal companion to enhance the virtual classroom experience and improve remote teaching effortlessly.

Jibu School Management Software Benefits

Parents Portal

JibuSMS school management software app is designed in a way that parents can easily communicate with the teachers through instant messages, email, and can attend online meetings. They can track their child’s academic performance and activities and guide them for better. The school management software benefits include real-time tracking of daily attendance, daily timetable & events, examination results, fee management, etc. Parents can easily find the location of their child’s school bus as the school management software is integrated with GPS. The flexible payment gateway system helps in easy fee payment anywhere at any time.

Students Portal

The e-learning experience provided by JibuSMS school management software app helps students to access information from a single platform. They can access the library, various study materials, lecture notes, homework, assignments, etc. using the app itself. The timetable regarding the courses, subjects, examinations, and other activities can be uploaded in the app and students can view it anytime. Messages and alerts will be sent to students regarding extracurricular activities, other events that students can manage their time and focus more on their studies. The key school management software benefit is that it allows students to contact each other enhancing their learning experiences.

Teachers Portal

One of the JibuSMS school management software benefits is that the teachers can record the attendance of the students within a click saving time, manage the timetables, and track the performance of each student that helps them to give extra concentration to the needful. They can easily connect with parents and discuss student’s academic progress, and conduct parent-teacher meetings. The school management software eases down the difficult tasks of the teachers and they can access their payslips anywhere. The ZOOM integrated virtual learning feature of school management system software helps teachers to efficiently make use of the video conferencing feature without any hindrance. Online examinations can be easily conducted through the school management system app itself.

Management Portal

The school management software helps the management to deal with the tedious workload and other non-teaching staff members. The admin can control and manage different institutions and can store all digitized files or documents in a single place. The school management software benefits admin to deal with various tasks such as bulk data management, ID card generation, budgeting, finance, fee, and payroll management. The school management software app offers data security and prevents data breaches. The software reduces the chances of human error optimizing each task for better efficiency.

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How much does School Management Software Cost?

Automating your school/institution with online school management software is the best option as it has so many enticing features and functionalities. But the question is which school management system software you should select. You should focus on selecting the right school management system having the best features at an affordable rate. JibuSMS offers affordable and customized solutions for all types of institutions to control and manage all academic and administrative activities. The school management software cost is reduced with an insight to deliver the virtual learning experience through the best school management software app to all the institutions worldwide. The school management software can be simply installed and can log in using a username and password. We offer suitable packages for all kinds of institutions as per their requirements and budget. 

The school management software cost varies based on various factors. Below mentioned are the features available in the budget-friendly school management system software packages.

  • Unlimited user experience 
  • API access
  • Unlimited Course & Batch Management 
  • Free cloud hosting
  • Customized solutions
  • Payment gateway integration
  • Dedicated account manager 
  • Enquiry management
  • Google SSO
  • Onsite & on-demand training 
  • Data entry service 
  • SSL secured
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The various affordable packages are:

Pro Package:  With 20 core modules & 15 pro modules  

Pro Plus Package: With 20 core modules, 15 pro modules & 13 pro plus modules

Prime Package: With 20 core modules, 15 pro modules, 13 pro plus modules & 8 enterprise modules

Complete Guide about School Management System Software

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