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The traditional schooling systems had to rely on collective human effort for administration teaching and maintenance of the school system. Teachers would be solely responsible for the children when it was their turn to take the classes. This meant that teachers were required to have extra skills in student management. Oftentimes it would be difficult for teachers to tackle things like admission or school events, due to the large flow of people in and out of the school system. School security is also a concern in traditional school systems since all security rests in the hands of human skill.  In this we will discuss school management software features for Schools and Teachers.

Softwares that exist today can make every aspect of school management easier. They are designed by excellent development teams who have lots of experience in the field. Such developers have collaborated with the school systems to understand the challenges faced by the school. The school software features thus created are appropriate for every kind of person in the school that are contributing to the school functions. Teachers are given new tools which make it faster and easier for them to teach students. Students enjoy the vast library of knowledge around the world, and parents can keep track of the growth of their children. Administration staff also have benefits for using such software in the school.

The school management software consists of many modules that each make some of its features work. Modules are independently designed but can work in an interconnected way. Consequently, the school management software price increases as the number of modules in its increase. Since the requirements of each school are different, Each school can choose the number of modules it needs in the particular software. Regardless of the choice, the school software can help any department of the school in which it is embedded. Admission department, transport, and student record management are some places where student management software can help in an incredibly efficient manner. The school management software is also provided with a mobile application. This makes it easily accessible in remote places and easier to use, in general. 

Remarkable School management Software Features for School

School management software is very useful when the entire school is concerned. This is because their features seep into every department of the school. The software features end up making the departments faster, more secure, and efficient. Following are some of the remarkable features of such software for schools.

Fee payment with school management software features

Fee collection and management is a difficult task in almost all schools. As the school student body increases, the difficulty of fee management increases. Fee management in school software consists of checking the student’s prior fee dues and keeping track of payments from students. Much attention is invested in the security of such a system. Online payment solutions are made available through devices running the school management system. Users can check their balances and keep track of such payments.

Admission management features

Admission is one of the more hefty tasks in the school system. In traditional schools, almost all administration gets busy once the admission time begins. By integrating school software, the admission system immediately becomes faster and more efficient. The admission system can also handle new inquiries and send them notifications when the seats are available. The admission forms are filled online and verification and storage of data are handled by the software. Admission management is one of the most important school software features for schools.

Attendance management features

The Attendance Management module is built specifically to handle student attendance, and this reduces the time spent on such activities. The module comes with security features that limit students to perform acts like proxy attendance. This is possible by biometric integration inside the attendance management system. Attendance can be easily tracked and student attendance profiles can be made using this data. 

Exam management features

Exams are frequent occurrences in schools, and the school management software can make exams more productive and efficient. The software generates the exam timetable and can help make remote exams possible. The exam marks can be automatically entered by the software under teacher supervision. The exam results can also be stored in an efficient manner.

HR management features

The staff must be managed in big school systems in an organized way. This is usually a tedious task and consumes a lot of time and energy. The school management software comes with an HR management module that solves this problem. It maintains an accurate database of employee records from their date of joining to their eventual leaving or retirement. It is one of the most useful school software features for schools.

Student management features

The student records must be kept in each school and they become difficult to handle as the student body increases. The school management software is fed the details of the students by teachers and administration staff. It takes care of sorting the raw details into a customized and easy-to-read format and stores them into the student database.

Resource management features

Schools have a lot of inventories to manage. The resource management module helps manage the materials. Material inflow and outflow, time of material handling, and the frequency are noted by the school management software. These records are kept secure and can be viewed from a remote admin panel when the correct credentials are provided.

Transport management features

The school transport system can be made more fast and efficient using school software features. The software uses a GPS system to track school vehicles. The drivers can be sent optimized routes adjusted for traffic conditions. This helps the school function fast, as most of the transport system now becomes automated. New routes can easily be programmed into the software so student and staff transport becomes easy.

School management software features

Important School Management Software Features for Teachers

School management software is very useful for teachers. This is because they tend to reduce the workload of the teachers which in turn makes them free to focus on their students. The school software enhances the learning experiences of the students but keeps the human aspect of such experience intact.

Automated attendance feature

Teachers in the traditional school system spend a lot of time on roll calls and this is stressful to them. The attendance can be made automated by integrating biometric devices into the school system. The teachers need only to make sure that the attendance system is supervised. It is one of the most useful school software features for teachers.

Error-free time table

The teachers usually are tasked to collaborate with each other and create a timetable suitable to all classes in a school. The school management system can be responsible to create the same timetable. It will do so more efficiently and errors in this approach will be less. The error-free nature of the timetable makes it easier for teachers to focus on their work without distractions.

Student marks calculation and entry

Teachers can be stressed after examinations since they have burdened with student marks entry. The school management system helps the teachers with marks calculation and entry. It only requires little supervision on the part of the teachers and can handle a lot more work than the teachers can.

Fast and secure communication

Efficient communication is a must in the school system if learning is to advance. School software features for teachers include tools that improve communication in schools. The communication is established using secure internal plugins. The system is made to work at low network bandwidths over large areas. This allows communication over large distances and to remote places. Reminders can be set and sent in the school communication system and this feature allows the school to function better.

Easy homework upload

The students can easily upload their assignments and homework remotely. This is done by specific school management software portals requiring student credentials. The teachers receive the homework at the due date of the assignments. It further decreases the workload from teachers, making it easier to supervise students.

A good school management software offers great services to all the users of the software. There are primarily three types of people who are bound to use software who are students, teachers, and staff. It can be easily seen that the school management software increases the performance of the school. It is important for people in the school system to learn about the features in the software. 


School management software features are incredibly helpful to both teachers and the school system in general. The school and its administration are helped by efficient data handling by the software. The teachers are helped by reducing or eliminating unnecessary work completely. The features are also helpful for parents who wish to send their children to these schools. JibuSMS is the best school management system that has software features suited both to teachers and schools. It is enterprise-level software that can operate even on a multi-school level. It has increased remote access education in Kenya using its easy accessibility on all devices. Many schools in Kenya have integrated this software inside them to increase school efficiency.

School Management Software Features for School And Teachers

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