Why online school management software

Running a school means dealing with a lot of student and faculty data. It means dealing with all of that in a user friendly and efficient manner. The online school management software must efficiently handle multiple departments like staffing, admission, sports events and exam administration. This often extends to hostel management, library management and transportation handling. Online school management systems exist today that make all of the above processes easier. Managing an entire school system is always a work in progress in requiring a lot of effort. But these online school management systems not only can handle it effectively but often more accurately than humans.

Online school management systems as the name suggest work when the school data is integrated into online platforms. The entire school data is fed to the online school management software which then gives extra capabilities to the pre-existing system. The extra capabilities of a school management software include farther reach into remote places, better planning and better execution of tasks. 

Issues that online school management software help with

In this blog, we will explore the issues a school that needs an online school management system often presents itself with. we will in the end show how some school management software will systematically reduce the same issues.

Features of online school management software

Paperwork issues

As school systems grow bigger, the number in the student body and the faculty increases. Inevitably the administration will have to deal with the admission, fee invoices, lecture notes and other management papers. The pressure at the management level thus grows leading to an increase in delays and sometimes if understaffing occurs, errors follow. This can damage the reputation of the school and sometimes stops the effective functioning in a school. 

Online school management systems have inbuilt capabilities to solve this problem as their accuracy and processing speed is higher. The school management system can then benefit by installing its choice of online school management software that will help deal with paperwork issues. The software deals with it by making the process automated. The staff may need only feed the information in the initial stage. The organization and handling of the data are taken care of by the software. 

Data security issues

Student data and staff data must be kept separate and private. Often the security of student data and the data itself are in danger when a school employs old school methods of storing such information. School management is riddled with the problems. Financial records of the members in the school, their addresses, their health records are all part of the school system. As such schools should keep them private too. This also ties up nicely with the point that paperwork stacks up as all this is increased. 

Online school management systems again have built-in features to tackle such problems. They contain features like SSL/TLS and their web pages use HTTPS standards. This means such software are very difficult to get into illegally.  Online school management software usually even come with IoT security and they can help manage areas like transport, cafeteria and library management.

Teacher-parent relationship issues

Unlike online school management software, old methods of school systems have to rely on humans to plan the methods of effective communication between parents and teachers. This is because unlike teachers and students, parents cannot visit the school everyday. This creates an unintentional rift between the teachers and parents. The regularity with which the effective communication is carried also becomes an issue. This can lead to a lot of important information not being sent back and forty between the school administration and the parent. 

Online school management systems deal with this issue by making the regularity automated. School management software makes personalized reports of each student which the teacher can forward to the parent. Thus online school management software encourages good communication and thus the parent-teacher relationship grows in this regard.

Time management issues

A school must run on time to finish its range of activities like daily schedules to monthly events and the yearly plans. Contingencies that occur in between must also be handled on time. Time delays can cost schools their productivity. If delays occur, schools are left to push the pending work to the next available hour and this increases pressure on the staff. The students in such a case can not learn effectively and the school system functioning is damaged.

Online school management systems work on computers and they can have lots of processing speed compared to humans. The online school management software can spot errors where humans can’t, and increase the efficiency of the system.

How to select a good school software

The selection of the best online school management system for a particular school involves many factors. This includes the scope of the school’s operations, what operations it wants to provide, how creative the school wants to be, and what procedures it decides to follow. Sometimes the government of a particular country can influence the procedures the schools have to follow. Most online school management systems are aware of this and allow significant changes in their software systems. considering all the possible advantages a school wants, online school management systems should be decided upon. The school must select an online school management system based on its ability to communicate with the students’ parents in real-time and the capacity to provide homework notifications. The online school management software must be good at managing attendance, and tracking student and transport location. An online school management software must allow the schools to function seamlessly and fulfil all the school’s basic and advanced needs. online school management systems worldwide have transformed the way schools and educational institutions behave, plan and function.

Choose best online school management software

JibuSMS is one such online school management system that has been developed by Advanta Africa. It features unlimited student accommodation in the system and can offer an unlimited number of courses. It features transport management, hostel management and Microsoft’s azure IOT technology integration at the organizational level. It comes with many modules, suited both to small and large schools. This is because the customer base of an online school management software is varied and requires the software to be flexible enough to accommodate the ever-changing but strict requirements of the different schools. This online school management software has been one of the best school management systems in Kenya and has been providing services for many years there.

JibuSMS is one of the online school management software that is extremely useful when it comes to getting education into remote places. This is because it offers plugins like the google and Microsoft’s counterpart of google meet and skype. This increases the privacy of the school management software as it is common knowledge today that the big tech companies are not so great at privacy.


An online school management system can drastically reduce the amount of work in the school. Online school management systems around the world increase productivity, accuracy and efficiency of the school management process JibuSMS is one of the best school management system out there that is sure to satisfy any school that shows the above signs of being in need of an online school management system. JibuSMS is a pioneer school management system in Kenya and is helping its people grow ever faster in the world

Reasons Why Schools Need an Online School Management System

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