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In a school/institution, there are many academic, administrative as well as managerial activities. For the efficient coordination and management of these operations, it is best to digitalize the whole school activities. The school management system software helps you with the digital transformation of the complete activities and operations of the school in the best possible way to optimize its efficiency, reduces the workload of administrative activities, automates the tasks, and provides flexibility. It is absolutely beneficial to the students, teachers, parents, and administrators. JibuSMS is the best school management system offering remote learning at affordable rates. It manages and controls the whole activities of your organization with several features like screen sharing, whiteboard for presenters, video recording, etc. This all-in-one school management system software is integrated with ZOOM that helps schools/institutions to conduct online classes efficiently.

Before choosing school management system software, make sure that it is suitable for your school academic and managerial activities. Below mentioned are the important features of best school management system software that help you to select the right software for your organization.  

Benefits for students & parents

 There are several features in the school management system software that helps both students and parents. 

School calendar

The school calendar will be available in the software that helps students and parents to understand the academic activities, examination dates, holidays, parent-teacher meetings, cultural and technical programs, fee schedules, and other activities. Parents can easily log in from the web browser or mobile app and they can plan as per the schedule.

Effective communication

The school management system software is integrated with the communication tools that it provides efficient communication with the teachers easily and quickly. Parents can send messages to teachers and the teacher will get notifications regarding the messages received. Teachers can send important messages via email or SMS.

Gradebook generation

Gradebooks based on student’s examination grades is automatically generated and sent to the parent’s inbox through alerts. Parents can easily download from the web browser or mobile app. 

Benefits for teachers

The school management system software eases down the tedious and time-consuming work of the teachers, helps to conduct examinations, gives homework and assignments, and helps in online exam assessment.

Timetable creation

Teachers can prepare institutional timetables for the school management system software. The timetable tool of the software helps to prepare time tables for upcoming classes in the patterns of class-wise timetable, and teacher-wise timetable. They can also keep track of other academic activities and check if they merge with their scheduled dates.

Assignments and homework

Teachers can easily give assignments and homework to the students with defined due dates, notes regarding each subject, and attach study resources. Teachers can review, correct, and provide feedback to the student’s works.

Easy online exam assessments

Exams can be conducted using the software. Online exams can be scheduled and teachers can upload question papers. The report cards can be generated within a single click. It reduces the workload of teachers, saves time, money and paper usage.

Alerts & reminders

The school management software has a feature to send notifications and alerts to parents regarding announcements, examinations, assignments, holidays, etc. Parents can receive the same as text messages or push alerts.

Pay slips

The human resource management module of the best school management software assists in HR operations that teachers can download their monthly payslip and payroll from the software.

Benefits for administrators with School Management Software

The administrative activities can be managed with the help of an efficient administrative leader. The school management system software allows limited admin access with unique features that suit admin’s requirements.

Benefits of School management System
School administration features

Student Information Database

The software helps the admin to store and handle the whole life-cycle data of the students within the school. These data include their address, guardian data, contact number, etc. They can store other details like students’ report cards, attendance details, teacher’s remarks, non-academic details, etc. Their data remain unchanged throughout the academic years.

Easy Accounting & fee collection

The basic accounting module of the school management system software helps the administrators to track the income and expenses of the school activities. The finance module of the school management system offers all tools and reports that optimize and analyze the fee collection processes. The software has an online flexible payment system and online receipts can be easily generated.

Payslip & Payroll

It is time-consuming to generate a monthly payslip and manage the payroll of teachers and other staff. Administrators can use the payroll tool provided in the software. The payroll breakup calculations can be automated and the payslip can be generated.

Custom-made reports

Customized reports help in decision-making. Administrators can combine various reports across multiple modules, and submit them to higher authorities. Admin can save it for the future and the data regarding the students, teachers, and other employees can be automatically updated.


Efficient school management system software with unique features and functionalities is an excellent solution to optimize the academic as well as administrative operations. It reduces the administrative hassles, offers easy workflow, reduces monotonous tasks, and enhances productivity and efficiency. JibuSMS is the best school management system software in Kenya with delicate modules for several activities with a biometric integration system to monitor the students. It is available for both iOS & Android platforms.

How to Choose the Best School Management System Software for your School/ Institute?

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