advantages of school management system software

The efficient functioning of a school management system is important that it fulfills all the goals and objectives of the school. To help you to attain overall productivity, the digitalization of the whole school management system is inevitable, thus school management system software is an integral part of all academic and administrative operations. The school management system software is agile and can be customized to suit the requirements of the school. It has multiple modules that work together for helping teachers, students, non-teaching staff, administrative and academic operations. The school management software can manage and help with different academic activities, admission procedures, examinations, grades, timetables, transportation, report card, etc. We can now analyze the different advantages of the school management system to enhance the overall performance of the schools.

Advantages of a school management system software

There are many school management system softwares, for instance, our JibuSMS is the best school management system software offered by Advanta Africa, an award-winning ICT Company. JibuSMS has integrated ZOOM to help teachers and students with virtual classrooms within a few clicks. Let’s analyze the advantages of having an efficient school management system software for your school/institution.

A time-saver

The school management system software can do time-consuming administrative and management tasks with high-level accuracy. It eases down the workflow of the management to perform the different works that lead to the smooth running of the school. The school management system software also generates various reports, pay slips, and helps in online fee collection. The software helps the admin with student data management, school assets, and fee management. Apart from admin work, the software is beneficial to teachers to deal with time-dependent tasks such as attendance of students, timetable creation, assignments, communication with the parent, etc.

Remove communication gap

The proper communication between different departments, administration, and management as well as constant communication between parents, students, and teachers are mandatory for the efficient running of academic and school management systems. The inefficiency in communication between them has been removed by the implementation of school management system software. Moreover, the software bridges the communication gap between the parents, students, and teachers that makes use of the SMS facility. The push notification facility helps the parents to know updates about the academic activities of their child. Most of the school management system software has mobile apps that help to communicate much faster and efficiently.

Helps in human resource management

Human resource management is the predominant factor of a school/institution. The school management software can manage all human resource-related processes and take care of the life-cycle of an employee that can be an administrator, teacher, or non-teaching staff in a school. The functions encompass the attendance of employees, their daily tasks, leave management, organizing employee details, managing payroll, and payslip generation.

Timetable management

The easy drag and drop functionality of the school management software helps teachers and administrators to create and manage different types of timetables. This includes separate timetables for students, teachers, and institutions. It assists the most tiresome job that it also provides automated and interactive timetables considering the absence of the employees and has substitution management if a teacher is absent.

Timetable Management - Jibu School Management System

Student life-cycle management software

The school management system software can store complete data regarding the life-cycle of a student and is also referred to as Student Lifecycle CRM (Constituent Relationship Management). It is a comprehensive data-driven approach that stores data of classes, examinations, grades, assignments, remarks, and much information collected from the pre-admission stage to the point a student leaves the school.

Easy fee payment system

The school management system software is integrated into a payment gateway that helps parents to pay fees online, issue receipts, and generate invoice reports. This is a lot more convenient and easier that you don’t need to wait in a long queue. The multitude of payment options helps them to pay fees using credit/debit cards, bank transfer, etc. to provide a hassle-free payment system. The school management software has a feature to collect fines in case of late payment of fees.

Reports and decision making

Various reports are available within the software from each module. The reports from the multiple modules can be combined to make fast and accurate decisions. Third-party analytics tools can be integrated into the school management software for advanced reporting.

Student Report - Jibu School Management System

Online gradebook generation

The school management software helps to generate gradebook for all students. Timetable for all examinations will be available in the software or mobile app. After the examination, the marks and grades of each student will be updated through the software. The school management software ensures that the gradebook generation can be easily automated within a few clicks. Thus parents can have access to the grades that helps them to overview the academic performance of students in the school.

Improve the admission process

The full-fledged marketing tools of the school management software helps to improve the admission process that helps you to manage admissions, registration, student attendance, scheduling, etc. This enticing feature reduces manual errors and repetitive works.

Managing a school budget

A good school budget can be created using the software and administrators can manage it. The budget is created using the expense and income data of previous years.

Student tracking and safety

The school management software is integrated with student-tracking devices like biometric and RFID systems that track their attendance and other information which will be accessible to the parents in real-time through mobile apps. The transportation management is also possible that the routes travelled, driver allocation, management of the vehicle, etc. can be done and SMS alerts of student attendance, location of the transportation vehicle on the map will be sent to the parents. Tracking of the vehicle is done with the help of GPS devices attached to the vehicle.

Helps in library management process

Students can make use of the library effectively with the help of school management software which is important for their academic development. Books can be easily added, managed, issued, and tracked with help of the software.

Library Management with Jibu School Management System

Multi-school management

Multiple groups of institutions can be managed from a single platform. The whole schools/institutions can be managed and accessed by a multi-school super-admin. This helps in reporting, fine control, and faster decision making.


The school management system software designed and developed to help schools/institutions to do tedious and complex administrative and academic tasks from a single platform with high accuracy. It replaces the traditional method of data management that offers a lot of features and modules to assist you to handle a plethora of school operations. JibuSMS is an all-in-one school management system software to automate every single process associated with the school management system to provide a hassle-free experience. Contact us online to know more about us!

The Key Advantages of Having School Management System Software for Schools/Institutions

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