Manage schools with school management software

With the rise of schools and school management systems around the world, it has become easy to manage schools with software. School management systems these days come with the separate student teacher and parent login interfaces they come with online bill payment services.  School management systems also come with secure seamless video streaming plugins. You also come with third-party plugin integrations. They come with facilities that help different kinds of educational organisations achieve their goals. 

JibuSMS is one of the best school management systems that has been developed around the world.  It was developed by Advanta Africa and has the capabilities to manage schools with software remotely.  It has the facilities of cafeteria management, Hostel Management, library management and IoT integration systems.  This school management system can help students track their assignments and attendance while keeping them informed about the events happening in the school.  The school management system has advantages for the parent using it because it helps them keep track of their children who study under this school management system.  The parent can track the growth of the child and receive updates about the fees and events in an instant.  A teacher using the school management system can easily communicate with students and their parents via secure messaging systems.  The staff can even apply to live online if such a situation occurs

Following are the ways, to manage an Institute like a pro using jibuSMS software

Automating administrative tasks

JibuSMS can help automate administrative tasks. This school management system comes with admission management, fees management and school news management features in its core module. The student information management keeps track of all the student information relevant to the school and takes the pressure off of the staff who can then focus their time and energy on more creative tasks that require a human touch. The staff can also help engage with the students better due to the features of this school management system.

Long term growth tracking

Manage schools with software becomes easier due to the constant and real-time tracking of students in the school. The teachers and parents can receive honest feedback from the mobile app. The mobile app is the same for every type of consumer, but with the right credentials, the school management system will recognize the type of user and shows the right information to the right user.

manage schools long term goal tracking with software

Easier communication

The school management system that is JibuSMS allows each type of person in it to communicate with everyone else in the system effectively. Communication will not be limited by technological shortcomings but by the rules set by the people. The teachers, students and parents are given the feature of secure communication on cheap networks. The schedules and time table will be easily relayed by the school management system itself, requiring no human supervision once they are fixed. 

manage schools easy communication with software

Report card generation

JibuSMS school management system can generate report cards of students easily. This is because it has all the data that is necessary for the process at hand at any time because it tracks the real-time growth of the students in their particular subject. The report card generation facility is also made available for only the right people with the credentials. The students cannot tweak the reports that are generated by the school management system. Parents can also get some reports without much intervention of the school administration 

Hostel management

JibuSMS school management system can function as an effective hostel management system. The school management system can automate security and resource management by its intrinsic design. JibuSMS has a biometric check for security and is integrated with Microsoft Azure IoT(Internet of Technology) that can help automate some of the workings in the hostel. It also has online bill payment systems and other systems which notify the parents if hostel fees are due.

Transport management

With the integration of Microsoft Azure IoT, the school management system JibuSMS can function as an effective transport management system. The school buses can be remotely monitored and drivers of these vehicles can be given instructions remotely from the school staff. The school administration will get notifications automatically where vehicles are on the road and how far they are from their eventual destination. 

manage schools Transport management with software

Generate discussion

The school management software JibuSMS helps initiate great discussion and polls among any of its users. The poll results are easily calculated by the school management system when the time has been determined by the authority. This helps the school reach a consensus on various topics. The time needed to organize such polls and discussions is also eliminated. This also helps everyone get a voice if the school is especially big.

Manage Schools Online payment services with Software

The school management system JibuSMS has the online payment gateway integrated into it so that payment can be done online with little hassle. Once the payment is done, an electronic record is kept automatically in the school database and a track record for each student can be created and maintained by the school management system.

manage schools online payment with software

Multi-school ERP(Enterprise Resource Planning) system 

All the facilities discussed above can be applied to multiple institutions since JibuSMS school management system is an enterprise-level system that manage schools with software remotely. Admin profiles can be made for each school wherein the respective admin helps control each school and the activity dashboard is provided to the person responsible for the higher-level management. School data like event information and fee information can be imported to higher management whenever required.


As it is easy to see, software technology around the world has made school management systems stronger in providing schools with tools needed to function faster. JibuSMS is a powerful school management software that can manage schools with software.  it has provided people of Kenya education in remote areas in an easier and sustainable manner. School management systems, when used effectively, can transform education into an efficient and enjoyable learning experience that the students around the world can use to increase their knowledge.

Managing Schools in a great manner with JibuSMS Software

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