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Traditionally, schools have been managed mostly by humans alone. This was fine, considering the education and the industry system were not heavily based on information flow. It was a pain that even small schools had to manually do repetitive tasks that were important. These tasks are still present in the modern-day educational environment, but people are equipped with many efficient tools to handle them. This has been possible because of the evolution of software application capabilities. Today there exist lots of software that can help with important tasks of the school management. The software help in the usual management practices of the school like admission process, inquiry, record keeping, and examinations. The thing these practices have in common is that they can be easily handled by algorithms suited for each process. Algorithms are a set of instructions that digital systems use to deal with. Jibu SMS is one of the best School Management System in Kenya.

School management software comes in various forms and has differing power when it comes to its capabilities. They can solely work on an individual processor can deal with the entire school system. This depends on their capability of handling real-life situations which are faced by humans. Because there is so much variability in the capability of such software, it is quite hard for people of the school to select an appropriate one for their school. An error in such selection can result in heavy money losses for the educational institution. Now that we have explored the areas where school software help, we will move on to greater details about individual software types, and how such software is used in Kenya.

The first type of software handles a particular task at the school. They are lightweight in terms of their power requirements Enterprise Resource Planning(ERP) software is a class of software that handles complicated organizational and business processes, often in real-time. Advanced school software comes under this category. They are often sold in modules, with each module handling a separate process in the school administration. Some ERP school software integrates various organizational structures and gives effective control under a single platform. JibuSMS is a school software developed Advanta Africa, and as such falls under the category of ERP software. It has various features that make it a powerful tool regardless of the type of school that it needs to serve. Now, we will take a look at just why JibuSMS is the best school management system in Kenya. 

Reasons Why JibuSMS is the best school management system in Kenya

JibuSMS is a school management system that has enterprise-level capabilities and can handle various tasks at once. But explaining it vaguely will not do the casual reader justice, so we have come up with a list of why this is the case. We will take a look at the various modules that come with the software.

Reasons Why Jibu SMS is best school management system in Kenya

Integrated Solutions

The primary feature that makes JibuSMS attractive to many school administrators. Schools need to invest in infrastructure to keep having new students and deliver the courses. The software comes with its own student database features. The software allows teachers to teach students remotely and thus the number of students increases. With the integration of this technology, the only limit the school has to deliver the courses becomes how much it can. It also has its own plugins to enable remote learning features. The video and audio handling features work with limited network bandwidth. This is because many parts of Kenya still do not have high-speed internet access. All these facilities are presented as an integrated solutions model, which makes them easier to use.

Security School Management System in Kenya

Schools handle a lot of private student data. As a result, the risk of data compromise always exists. The school management system JibuSMS is fully equipped to deal with this problem. The software uses SSL technology to ensure the safety of its users. SSL stands for secure sockets layer and is a method of encrypting communication between various parts of the system. The different types of users also are secured by credential-based authentication systems. The software asks for such credentials and verifies them every time when important modifications to the school system are made. The school software also has integrated biometric security features for attendance and identity verification.

Mobile Application

This is another major feature of jibuSMS, which makes it one of the best school management system in Kenya. Most of the features of the software are available on a mobile application developed for the purpose. The mobile app greatly increases the ease of the use of the school system. Students can easily learn from home, and their parents can track their growth in real-time. The mobile application is responsible for greater connectivity between the people in the school. Customized notifications are sent to each person in the school system, and this saves a lot of time. The mobile application works on low network bandwidth so that everyone in Kenya can use it with ease. The mobile application is connected to the main school software at all times and the data exchange between them happens at high speeds.

Regular Updates

The technology of the present never stays still, and the developers at jibuSMS know this. They have designed software keeping in mind the future updates that are possible. The software itself is very modular, which means each module can be separately updated. The software modules are frequently checked for flaws and bugs. New technology is integrated into existing software products and updates are regularly given to existing customers. If for some reason, the customer wants to work with the old version of the software, that is also made possible. The JibuSMS team makes sure that their school management software is made faster, more efficient, and has more features than before. This happens from time to time and notifications for upgrades are sent to the school administrations that have bought it.

Years Of Experience

The JibuSMS team has years of experience making some of the best enterprise-level software products. The years of experience translate not only expertise in software development but also understanding their customers. They know exactly what Kenyan schools have major troubles with. JibuSMS school management system provides the features of hostel management to bigger schools, where the number of students increases. The years of experience also translate to excellent customer service when any school system comes up with doubts about the software. 

Customer Service 

This is important for any industry but is especially important for software that is routinely used in the education sector. Education remains a complicated process and even when integrated with the software. The less tech-savvy people must be made familiar with the technology, and the JibuSMS team makes sure they are supplied with enough help. The software bugs if found are also followed up with a rigorous design. The customer service also extends to the digital processes that are often used in tandem with the software. The full list of customer services includes installation, training, migration, upgrading, customization services, and web services. 

Cost-effectivity School Management System in Kenya

JibuSMS school management system offers 20 basic modules that feature solutions for the most essential school administration problems. They include admission management, attendance management, timetable, and exam management system. This is sold at a very affordable cost, and can fully automate tasks that are common in small school systems. The bigger institutions that need more facilities, can even take the pro modules, which include hostel management, library management, and school placement management. The cost is carefully considered for the modules offered, and the price is offered on a subscription basis per year. The subscription can be upgraded or cancelled whenever the school wants.

Configurable and Customizable Features

Every educational institution is a place where change is constant. Sometimes these changes can be caused by governmental pressures, and other times, new curricula may call for such change. If the administrative software that controls the information flow cannot handle such changes, it can be a huge problem for the school. JibuSMS school management software is designed and developed keeping this in mind. All its individual features are highly customizable, making the school administration at ease with the software at all times. Customization is also made easy with the help of regular customer support in a particular area. All the customization is done in a way such that the normal functioning of the school is not interrupted.


Software systems around the world are being used to run schools at an amazingly efficient level. They can be integrated at every level of operation, but still, maintain the human element required for the schools to function. They increase the range of the school and enable faster and in-depth learning. JibuSMS is one such software that can be truly called the best school management system in Kenya, because of the various features it possesses. It can even operate on a multi-school level and handle hostels and cafeterias. 

Why is JibuSMS the Best School Management System In Kenya?

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