school admissions in Kenya made easy with school software

The admission process for a school is one of the most important processes of the school. Unfortunately, it is also one of the difficult problems to handle efficiently. It is one of the processes where school employees and staff are often short of time. The delay can bring stress to lots of students and their parents who are often in the admission process. Mistakes made in the admission process take a long time to correct and often involve dealing with the school administration many times. School admission in Kenya is also time-consuming and stressful, given the lack of technological adaptation in the country. 

There are many software tools available these days to improve the admission process. These tools make the school staff handle the admission process more accurately. They have a greater capacity to handle student inflow. They also help handle the updations if any, on the part of the student. It is part of human nature that people do not like waiting. A faster admission process also increases the likelihood that more people opt for school. Every school admission in Kenya and similar countries can be improved using these software tools.

How the Hectic School Admission Systems in Kenya Turned Smooth

Following is how a school management system or an admission handling tool turns the hectic admission system smoother and more efficient.

Admission process become easy with School management software

Online School Admission Inquiry in Kenya

The website of the school provides students with the admission inquiry form, regardless of whether it is the time of admission. The interested people will get all the details of the course of their choice when such a form is submitted. The admission handling software in the school management system takes care of such forms. The school also receives basic information about the interested students so that they can contact them later.

Digitization and Error Correction

The main advantage of using admission management systems for school admission in Kenya is that the process becomes faster and more error-free. Any errors that occur during the admission process are caught by the software. The user or the student is prompted to correct the errors that occur. Software problems can also be reported to the school via the feedback options on the school software.

Follow-Up of Online Inquiry

The software tools that are used in the admission process in Kenya follow up on the students who have filled the inquiry form. The notifications are sent automatically to the phone numbers provided in the inquiry form when school admission seats are available. The organization can then send custom notifications and messages if the need arises. The student data so collected can be used for a further time when the school wants to use it.

Online School Admission Form Filling in Kenya

The school management system can also handle the school”s admission forms, which are more complicated than the inquiry forms. The admission forms involve the handling of more data, and the data must be kept private. The school admission form data must often be verified, online or otherwise. The software tools handle all the data until the verification process. The verification process is supervised by the school staff since it is an important part of the process. The fields to be entered can be modified when the organization requires them to be modified. The form fields can be customized for a better user experience.

Converting Temporary Students into Permanent Students

Students who are unsure to take admissions to the school and have problems with their GR(Graduation rate) number can be assigned a temporary GR number. This is done by the admission software automatically. Such temporary numbers are remembered by the software. When it is clear the student chooses the particular school, a permanent GR number is assigned for the student. In this way, temporary students who want to try for a particular school admission can become permanent students.

Filtration of The Students

The students after this process are filtered according to the school admission policy by the school admission software. The filtration can be done by any number of categories that are required by the government. The students can see the filtration and selection criteria and are positioned according to their merit and a range of other criteria. The teachers and staff can also check and change the process when such changing is required. The software tools have the capacity to handle most of the processes without human intervention.

Handling Exams Before Admission

Some exams are necessary during the admission process as students compete for limited seats. Part of these exams is conducted online as the admission management systems have increased their sophistication. The systems in school admission in Kenya can now track the students in real-time when the exam occurs. It can track the misbehaviour of students and send reminders of time left to the students. It can also track the exam schedules of the entire school organization. The admission management system also helps schedule and manage different exams during admission.

Admission Mark Entry and Storage

The marks that the students get are automatically noted by the school management system. The marks assigned by the software system are verified by the teachers. After the verification is completed, the admission management system stores the data in the secure database. This helps the school admission in Kenya by reducing the work of teachers who must assign such marks. The exam data is then connected to individual student portfolios and subsequent test records are tracked by the school management software. 


As schools grow in size, so do the pressures on the school administration. The process of admission including the collection of admission forms, error checking, and filtration is now successfully being done by admission software. Such admission software also can collect admission inquiry forms and follow up on them. JibuSMS is an all in one school management system that is developed, Advanta Africa. It also provides an integrated admission management system that can be used in every school admission in Kenya. The school management system has been helping hundreds of students in the country lead a better academic life.

Making The School Admission Process Faster By Using School Management Software

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